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In focus

We have many years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals sector, and always work to find optimum solutions for our customers’ problems. That is why we developed our own method to label the back of blister packs as an alternative to de-blistering.

The company

PKL Service GmbH & Co. KG is a company in the contract packaging and logistics sector and is headquartered in Darmstadt.

We have been specializing in outsourcing processing in the logistics sector since 2000. Our portfolio spans traditional distribution functions such as warehousing, order processing, consignments and shipping. In addition, specialist areas such as contract packaging, stock picking and lettershop activities are also among our specialties. Our activities focus on the entire bandwidth of pharmaceutical packaging under the AMG. Secondary Packaging according to Section 13 of the Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG - German Drug Law). In addition, our name stands equally for the highest quality, which is confirmed by GMP regulations and our quality and management system, which has been certified by the Darmstadt Regional Commission


Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP)

Darmstadt Regional Commission has
confirmed that our operations conform to the GMP Certificate for human medical products.

Manufacturing license according to Section 13, (1) of the Arzneimittelgesetz (German Drug law)

Our philosophy

We offer you the very best service quality, strictly according to the requirements of the AMG, AMWHV, GMP, GWP and other statutory provisions. Our optimized cost management also benefits you in your value chain. We link experience with innovation and thus guarantee dynamic further growth and optimization of our productivity and quality system.

Contract packaging

No matter whether it relates to changes in laws, for example the AMG (German Drug Law) for pharmaceuticals, or acting and reacting to changes on the market - we bring your products into the shape you want.

We change packaging for pharmaceuticals through to the secondary level - for blisters, blister over-labeling, coding incl. data matrix code, GI exchanges, bundling, repackaging and all labeling.

We perform these tasks strictly according to Section 13 of the AMG For all non-pharmaceuticals, we meet these requirements according to the same quality requirements and standards. Only the statutory basis under AMG does not apply.